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 Any style or size impression,  just send EverStamp your artwork or drawing and size of area to be marked, we will do the rest!

  All Evers leather stamps are machined  with extra character depth, so your impression can be struck deeply and not have visible back round impresses.  

  We can replicate signatures, logos and designs using your artwork or samples.  Any type of  MAKER  name stamps or monograms produced on any size shank or hand held blanks, are not a problem.

  When replicating designs and logos, our patterns are hand engraved the old fashioned way to provide the customer with maximum detail and quality craftsmanship second to none!

  We also make stamps for branding applications such as leather  or  wood.

  All Evers stamps, hubs, dies, forcers, are manufactured from hardened & tempered O-1  tool steel,  designed to last for thousands of  impressions.



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