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    Henry Evers produces custom branding dies & stamps for craftspeople of various trades and interests world wide. We will replicate signatures, logo`s and lettering using your artwork images or we can custom design an image for you to approve.

  Evers manufactures a  (non electrical) hand held branding tool with wood handle and custom steel heads. This basic  branding tool needs to be heated externally with open flame, blow torch, etc..

  We also sell custom branding heads to fit the Weller 40 watt soldering iron. This medium duty branding tool is heated electrically with 6' power cord and standard 120v outlet plug. This heat and impact resistant handle stays cool while branding tip heats up to 900 degrees.  Indicator light tells when the unit is on for your safety.  Free support stand included.

  When replicating designs and logos, our patterns are hand engraved the old fashioned way to provide the customer with maximum detail and quality craftsmanship second to none!

   We also make stamps with extra character depth for marking leather products such as sheaths for branding applications.

   Any style or size, send us your artwork or drawing, and size of area to be marked, we will do the rest.

  All Evers stamps, hubs, dies, forcers, are manufactured from hardened, tempered tool steel designed to last for thousands of  impressions.


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