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     EverStamp die tools are the perfect solution for permanent marking or coding of your property or products.  Our skilled design team can work with you to create any style custom lettering and logo stamps,  to make unique and lasting impressions on your products and customers.  Supplied artworks are reviewed and enhanced for optimum stamped image clarity at reduced imprint size.  We can send custom impression image drafts to you for your approval.  You can review custom impression markings at actual sizes and have an opportunity to make changes before the actual machining is done.  This way, your orders get done right the first time.   We manufacture any type precision part marking dies and stamps which can be manufactured from your artwork, blueprints, sketches, or samples to customers specifications.   Reproducing any stamp designs or lettering for replication or replacement purposes is our specialty.   All our stamps and dies are manufactured from hardened O-1 tool steel, made to last for thousands of impressions.  Other steel types such as A-2, D-2, S-7 are also available. 

    Whether your looking for custom font style alpha/numerical stamp sets or standard, Evers is the right choice.  We offer the finest quality heavy duty made stamps to permanently mark  non-hardened Steel,   any Metals, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Soft Ceramics, Etc.... just about anything!

    We also make the patented E6H (Key) and E6HR (Tang) stamp holders for quickly and easily stamping large numbers of items. 



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