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  Henry Evers Corp.  manufactures steel key stamps of various sizes and styles for lock and key companies world wide! Personalized Everstamps are the perfect solution to permanent identification or coding of keys as well as hundreds of other articles. We will produce or replicate any logo, lettering, or artwork as per our customers specifications,  with character heights as small as  .008" high  or  . 2mm !  The image is very sharp, resulting in the clearest impression possible, with even the most intricate details.

  Evers specializes in making our own patented E6H key stamp holder. Quick and easy to use for faster key markings, this handy spring-loaded device suspends Evers 3/8"x 3/4"x 3" shank dimension stamp in place...ready for instant use. Simply slip key hole over locating pin with one hand and hammer strike the stamp with the other. Key locating pin accommodates almost any head shape. Key stamps can be changed instantly. Guaranteed against defects in manufacturing.

  All Evers stamps are manufactured from hardened, tempered 0-1 steel, designed to last for thousands of impressions. Any style or size, just call for specific quotation, submit design desired and size to be marked, we will do the rest.

  Evers also makes a complete line of imprints needed by key shops and security personnel everywhere. DO NOT DUPLICATE, GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, Etc... When ordering stamps for use with the Evers Key Stamps Holder add "H" to stock number for 3/8"x 3/4"x 3" shank.

  In these times of high security, Evers produces 550 different distinctive security symbols which provide confidential coding of keys or other articles, for banks, institutions, industries, government, military, etc.. to verify authenticity.  Call or write for a complete design chart.


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