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   Henry Evers Corp. has many generations experience in tool and die, steel stamping, jewelry industries. We manufacture steel  stamps for many of the biggest designer and fashion jewelry companies in the industry today. Combining centuries old manufacturing techniques  with modern state of the art CAD/CAM 3D design and CNC precision machining, we provide our customers with the product results that are truly inspiring. 

   Thanks to our experienced staff of artists and machinists, we provide exceptional quality products while exceeding our customers expectations.   Whether creating original design concepts, art to part prototyping or complete steel tool manufacturing for mass productions, we are dedicated to serving your needs.

  Evers designs and precision machines highly detailed models for lost wax casting purposes and can provide casting services. 

   We are always working with our customers to produce  properly functioning press operations and superior quality tools with quick turn around time for your manufacturing needs. Whether they be Hubs, Dies, Forcers, Precision Stamping, Roll Stamps, Embossing Dies, Casting Models, Injection Molds, Pantograph Engravings, 1 to 1 Duplicating, Etc...

     Evers has pioneered the way for quality craftsmanship in the  stamping industry, always finding new  ways to significantly  improve fine detailed stampings and produce a much better product.

  We specialize in making the finest custom roll stamps available to fit your products needs.

   EverStamp produces and replicates any style of  logo stamps, any artwork, sketches, drawings, or samples.  

    We produce straight stamps, gooseneck and bent ring stamps, plier stamps, roll stamps, Hallmark stamps, press stamps, custom shanks, radius or flat, concave or convex.

  EverStamp is the perfect fit for your products needs, whether they be Rings, Bracelets, Ear Nuts, Lobster Claws, Chain Tags, Key Rings, Etc..

  All Evers stamps, hubs and dies are manufactured from hardened, tempered 0-1 tool steel, designed for maximum durability, to fit any press. Steel stamps can also be hammer struck manually. Other steel types such as A-2, D-2, S-7 are also available.


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