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    EverStamp produces the finest detailed steel marking dies, steel stamps, coining dies, jewelry marking stamps, precision machined wax models for rubber mold casting, metal promotional products and ornamentals, custom tang stamps for knife makers, key marking stamps for locksmiths along with the patented E6H Key and E6HR Tang stamp holders.

    All stamps are precision machined to exact tolerances for insert or part marking requirements.  We have a complete machining facility dedicated to servicing your needs.

   Years of skilled craftsmanship stand behind everyone of our products.  For over 100 years, industry has relied on our quality and service.   It is your guarantee that you will receive a true reproduction of your requirements, whether for a single device or hundreds that must be identical.  

    Call us today for a price quote on your custom orders. Our design team and skilled machinists can create the highest quality custom steel punches, steel striking dies, molds, wax models, ring stamps, roll stamps, embossings, etc...

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